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Biotren extension to Coronel


Chile - Concepción

Agencia Ecisa Chile

03‑2014 - 10‑2016


Awarded to Steconfer in 2013, Biotren to Coronel project connected Concepción city center to nearby towns, crossing its suburbs as a strategy to bring nearby populations closer to the main city, in a faster and safer manner. 

Biotren was a key project for the implementation and development of the Concepción metropolitan region. 

Biotren’s project consisted of 21 km of ballasted double track including 6 km of single-track renovation, and a small depot of 3 km. 

  • 19 single turnouts and 8 crossovers 
  • 6 single turnouts in the depot area 
  • Supply and application of more than 85000 m3 of ballast aggregate 
  • 24 vehicle level crossings included earthmoving and platform treatment 
  • 4200 aluminothermic weldings 
  • 84000 m of berried cable through ducting polyduct elements 


By the end of 2016, Steconfer delivered in time, quality and excellence the project to the infrastructure owner (FESUR) in a successful trial run bringing the “train” to the city suburbs and low-income areas, improving the lives of thousands of people.