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Steconfer has wide railway industry experience, enabling the company to carry out electrification on turnkey projects for freight and passenger, metros, light rail systems, trolley buses, monorail and depots.

Our experienced teams have been delivering different scale projects with high flexibility, adaptability and reliability.

Our capabilities cover the entire electrification project lifecycle, from design management, supply, installation, and all testing phases, from the material factory acceptance to the commissioning and trial run, finishing with the maintenance services.

Design Management

Steconfer’s exposure to global rail projects, not only challenged the development of in-house expertise and competence in design but also pushed Steconfer to develop our expertise in design interface management, methodologies and technologies.

This knowledge and experience create a smoother environment, building solid bridges between the design and construction stages.


Steconfer, supported on a long global experience, uses different procurement approaches reducing disruption through efficient construction to achieve the client goals regarding delivery date, safety and quality.


Steconfer provides customers with a wide range of services, from feasibility studies and detailed designs to systems installation, with related checks and tests. We follow all stages of the production process directly, construct and maintain electrification systems with different voltages, such as: foundations, masts, supporting equipment, feeder and return system, earthing and bonding, contact wire installation, high voltage & DC substation installation and commissioning, LVAC renewals, electrical track equipment including cabling and hook switches, electrical repair and fault finding and systems maintenance.

Testing and Commissioning

Regarding commissioning, Steconfer can perform and manage all the testing process phases: FAT (factory & offsite testing), SIT (site installation testing), SAT (site “acceptance” testing), SATOV (“overall” testing), Flash Test (insulation and continuity test), Section Proving Test, Short Circuit Test.