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Design, Procurement, Installation and Maintenance

Steconfer has a team of experts dedicated to each railway project for design-coordination, detailed engineering, construction, integration, testing and commissioning.

Track Design

Steconfer’s exposure to global rail projects of all categories, not only challenged the development of in-house expertise and competence in design management, but also allowed us to learn and experience varying requirements on railway engineering, cultures, technologies, and techniques and develop various partnerships with leading design companies all over the world.

LRT and MRT Systems

Throughout its existence, Steconfer has been gathering growing experience on Light Rail Systems and Mass Rail Systems until this has become our core business. Our success on these systems has allowed us to build a huge portfolio and acquire an expertise with a difficult match on this market. Our experience brings accurate schedule and efficiency to track works, empowering other parties to run projects smoothly.

Subway Systems, Conventional and High-Speed lines

Due to the similarity to lighter systems, we are also quite proficient in underground systems, having already achieved important milestones, namely in Portugal and Qatar.

Conventional and high-speed railway lines are also included in our vast Portfolio. Steconfer is highly acquainted with the needs and technology of this market and has successfully accomplished projects in Europe, Africa and South America. We also own, run and maintain dedicated heavy railway equipment.

Railway Depots

Steconfer has a vast experience in depot railway systems track installation on both ballast and embedded technologies, with a huge portfolio of delivered systems in several countries. Besides the track system itself, we also have the expertise on several other specialties necessary to run depots like washing plants, sanding sheds, pitlane tracks, etc…

Track Maintenance

Steconfer maintenance strategy focus primely on track geometry maintenance for mixed passenger and freight operations with significant cost reduction to railway operators. We have permanent track maintenance work in Europe and South America, working with modern machinery, enabling a small group of workers to maintain relatively long stretches of railway.