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Steconfer's Management recognises and understands that in order to become a high quality and conscientious provider in the railway sector, it is necessary that we embrace and promote within the business, including its partners, contractors and employees a key set of sustainable objectives as part of this mission, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Ensuring the health and safety of all our employees, including subcontractors;
  • Meeting the needs of our market, and understanding the inherent risks within it, whilst providing measures to reduce such risks;
  • Having the knowledge of, and the ability to meet the needs and expectations of all interested parties;
  • Ensuring the Economic development & progression of the company;
  • Providing a foundation of Team Development & Continuous Improvement;
  • Respecting the environment with a developing and sustainable delivery framework;
  • Ensuring direct Internal and external communication with all stakeholders and relevant project parties.

To achieve and sustain these objectives, Steconfer makes the following commitments:

  • To comply with ISO 9001; ISO 14001; and ISO 45001 requirements, for quality, environmental and health and safety legislation, as well as any legislation applicable to our sector, and business;
  • To eliminate hazards and reduce risks, providing safe and healthy working conditions, as well as preventing injuries and health deterioration;
  • To identify the environmental aspects and prevent any impacts of our activity, protecting the environment by implementing responsible project procedures including waste management and pollution prevention;
  • Use resources rationally and efficiently, generating value for the company and society, without compromising future generations;
  • To identify and communicate our objectives at all levels of the organization, reviewing them periodically, with the aim of improving productivity, stimulating creativity, initiative, and the sense of responsibility of all employees;
  • To provide the company with an organizational structure, with the necessary and adequate resources and infrastructure to carry out its commitment to quality, environment and health and safety;
  • To provide a platform of communication and participation for all employees, as well as their right to consult, to guarantee the goal of continuous improvement of the management system and the business at large;
  • To continuously improve the efficiency of the management system, using the results and feedback obtained from periodic systems and management review as well as employee consultation.

Steconfer commits itself and invites all employees, as well as its customers, suppliers, partners, subcontractors, and other interested parties, to cooperate and join this commitment with honesty and integrity to achieve and maintain our mission objectives.