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Other Services

Dynamic Railway Scales

Steconfer has a department specialized in railway scales designed for the commercial weighing of both trains and wagons. These systems are also suitable for dynamic liquid/cargo carriage weighing and include several features to improve safety, such as excess load, bogie load and sideload alarms and their accuracy conforms to strict international OIML regulations.

Acoustic Barriers Installation

Steconfer is also specialised in acoustic barrier installation to minimize the effects of noise produced by trains operating near adjacent third-party households and stakeholders.

Slope Protection and Geotechnical Treatment

Realising the increased need of protecting adjacent slopes to the railway, from falling rocks that ultimately can contribute to the derailment of railway compositions, Steconfer developed special equipment and prepared highly qualified workers to overcome this problem even on locations only accessed by the railway itself. This is a very specialized work, requiring special safety measures.

Clearing Vegetation and Weed Control

Clearing and controlling vegetation is an important maintenance task, with a growing concern amongst railway operators and infrastructure owners. So, to respond to this customer request, Steconfer has certified technicians who can perform clearing tasks and apply herbicides (plant protection products) in and near the track sides.

In Portugal, Steconfer has an official “Authorization to carry out terrestrial application of plant protection products” (nº 59-AT) from the “General Food and Veterinary Executive Committee”.

Crane Rails Installation

Steconfer is also developing since 2019 the crane rails installation system and is already working in two countries with this specialized rail system installation innovating processes to a future higher approach to this market, mainly in ports, factories and depot buildings.