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Supply Chain

By focusing its efforts on being assured, agile and personal, Steconfer wants to ensure that its customers, neighbours, and other stakeholders experience a consistently high level of service in line with its brand values. Steconfer recognises the importance and value of its collaborative working relationships with its supply partners. They are essential in delivering successful outcomes for Steconfer's customers.

Its strategy is to develop a supply chain community that shares company values and promotes and visibly demonstrates these values through its behaviours at both corporate and individual level.

Steconfer strives to incorporate sustainability into its respective strategic planning processes and develop and maintain an organisational culture focused on sustainability engagement, including a range of initiatives that encompass its customers, employees and suppliers.

Steconfer's focus is to ensure that measures are taken before, during and after construction to reduce environmental impact, improve economic viability and provide a good quality of life for present and future generations.

Steconfer ensures the implementation of behaviours that reduce the impact of construction on the environment by inducing the reuse of materials, defining alternatives for exploiting natural resources and finding new ways to generate and conserve energy.

To meet the socio-ecological requirements, Steconfer has, as one of the most fundamental tasks, the aspects and challenges from the consumption of resources to the longevity of the new infrastructures, which are directly related to the selection of materials with good environmental performance - always considering the challenge of improving the environmental impact of building materials through the use of renewable materials and local resources, taking into account energy costs throughout the life cycle, with improved durability, with low emissions during use and with recyclability.