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Steconfer: Powering Lund's Tramway

01 . 03 . 2021

Last December, the Spårvägen Lund LRT project started to be commercially active.  

Steconfer has carried out the complete overhead line installation of this project, including earthing and bonding and the return current management.

This project was very exciting, mostly due to some particular and complex aspects. Along a considerable length of the route, there is sensitive research equipment that, together with the university hospital’s X-ray departments, forced the construction of the overhead contact line to minimise the risk of EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields) affecting those facilities.

This system, the second in the world, consisted of the assembly of section insulators on every console in order to interrupt the electrical continuity of the contact wire in between consecutive cantilevers. This also brought the need to inject current on both sides of all the insulators, section by section, to keep the system energised.

Besides this, inside the depot’s workshop, a motorised rigid catenary was installed, improving the safety of tram maintenance. This retractable catenary is specially designed for Lund’s rolling stock; its basic function is to physically remove the catenary to allow free access of personnel onto the roof of the vehicles or to lift bogies for maintenance.

The installed system is a ‘trolley’-type catenary with mechanical compensation, composed of a hard-drawn electrolytic copper contact wire, supported on cantilevers or cross-spans, including under bridges or across viaducts.

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