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Steconfer continues safely paving its own way in the UK market

17 . 05 . 2021

Steconfer has a great appetite to expand its operations and grow through delivering systems, large or small, throughout areas of the global market with high appeal, growth opportunities, and a rich desire to develop transport systems for future security and environmental sustainability, based on a foundation of a rich railway engineering and construction heritage. A key area for us which ticks all these boxes, amongst others, is the United Kingdom. The U.K. stands out as an example of an economy embracing technology and innovation to deliver a forward thinking, long term plan of sustainable urban, and national transport solutions, whilst safeguarding environmental sustainability. The de-carbonisation programme and commitment to the development of LRTs and Metros exemplify this. As such, this is highly attractive to Steconfer since it mirrors our goals and values as a responsible, competent Rail, LRT & Metro installation partner.

We realise that establishing, and then growing a business in a new market presents different, and unique challenges. We cannot and will not rely solely on our pedigree and experience in other areas of the world and expect them to work, or even be accepted in other markets. We recognised this for the U.K. and implemented a model like that used in other territories. We opened a Company in the U.K. in 2018. We acknowledge and understand the importance of not just complying with the ‘sterile’ mandatory technical, and procedural demands of developing in a new market, but also, and fundamentally the cultural nuances that mean much more than simply being able to “speak the language”.

As well as having a dedicated U.K. based leadership team, with years of experience in the U.K. market, we have been very keen to embrace the guidance and assistance of regulatory bodies such as the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS). Since our U.K. incorporation in 2018, we are delighted to have been successfully audited and verified by RISQS at both annual reviews without any non-conformities. Not only does accreditation to RISQS demonstrate and verify our Quality, Safety, Environmental and welfare management systems, but also provides us with an insight to market intelligence and project opportunities. Moreover, having access to, and receiving RISQS Safety Bulletins, although specific to the U.K. network, have been extremely beneficial to us with site safety procedures on our other sites, and at other operations around the world.