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Frihamnen-Lindholmen Tram Line

Electrification, Signalling and Telecommunications, Track

Sweden - Gothenburg

Mark- och Energibyggarna i Göteborg AB (MoEB)

06‑2024 - 10‑2025


The Lindholmen-Frihamnen tram line serves as a transit link connecting Karlatornet and the new Hisingsbridge, providing a crucial connection to Gothenburg City. This line aims to bridge the inner city of Gothenburg with the emerging Älvstaden (Elfcity), addressing the growing needs of residents and workplaces in the area.

The project involves installing and testing approximately 5 km of track and overhead catenary wire (OCS). These installations will be carried out concurrently with the civil construction of the line, managed by MoeB, necessitating meticulous planning for seamless collaboration. The tram line comprises three stations: Lindholmen, Pumpgatan, and Frihamnen.

The segment between Lindholmen and Pumpgatan will traverse a tree alley known as the Lindholmen Alley. The stretch between Pumpgatan and Frihamnen station will be constructed in an unexploited harbour area. Beyond Frihamnen station, the tram line will connect with the existing line at Hisingsbridge. Steconfer's primary task in June and July 2024 will involve establishing this connection.

The track will feature a ballast and slab track, with the Lindholmen Alley section being grass-coated.