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OCS - Jerusalem LRT Network (J-NET)


Israel - Jerusalem


07‑2022 - 12‑2025


Steconfer as major subcontractor of the EPC Contractor CAF was approved by the State of Israel as experience provider of the OCS subsystem of Jerusalem Light Rail Transit (LRT) for the installation of the OCS in the new Green Line, an extension of the existing Red Line, besides the installation in two new maintenance depots Depots, Neveh Ya’akov Depot and LOT25 and extension of the French Hill.

As an overview of the project, it will consist of installation of 75000 m of OCS divided between the Red Line extension, and Green Line construction and three depots. 

The construction phasing involves crossing the existing red line in four locations, so that the impact is minimal, Steconfer is equipped with a work group that allows careful planning to minimize the impact on the operation of the line.

The OCS is fit to 70 km/h depending on the track geometry throughout its course. 

Major OCS works to be performed by Steconfer will consist of the following: 

  • Installation of 75 km of contact wire;
  • Installation of 5 km rigid catenary;  
  • Installation of more then 1000 cantilevers;
  • Installation of more then 600 head-span and cross-span;
  • Installation of 235 surge arresters;
  • Installation of 62 section insulators.