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Stretch between Oriente Station and Lisbon Airport - Trackwork and 3rd rail system


Portugal - Lisbon


01‑2011 - 06‑2012


Embedded track installation in the Oriente Station and Lisbon Airport sections and integration with the existing network of the Metropolitano de Lisboa, E.P.E. comprising:

  • Assembly of 3.5 Kms of track, including the assembly of the running track with concrete bi-block sleepers inside the gallery, including all preparatory work and accessories, levelling and alignment.
  • Supply and application of 3,611 m3 of C20 / 25 concrete inside the gallery.
  • Installation of 1.2 Kms of safety rail, in gallery, including support concrete blocks, fixings and stainless-steel plate base support, according to specs, and all the preparatory works and accessories.
  • Installation of 3.5 Kms of power rail and top ramps, including levelling, fixing and all preparatory work and accessories.
  • Supply and installation of 3,222 ml of reinforced concrete troughs for energy cables with 0.50 x 0.40 m and reinforced concrete covers with 0.05 m thickness.
  • Supply and installation of 3,538 m of stray current system, consisting of 2 iron bars with a section of 30 mm x 5 mm, placed each lengthwise over each block of the concrete sleepers, including the 70 mm2 section copper cable connections in black polyethylene tube sheath.