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Jerusalem LRT Network (J-NET)


Israel - Jerusalem

Shapir – EPC Contractor

01‑2021 - 03‑2024


Steconfer as major subcontractor of the EPC Contractor Shapir was approved by the State of Israel as experience provider of the trackwork subsystem of Jerusalem Light Rail Transit (LRT) for construction of the new Green Line, an extension of the existing Red Line, besides the construction of two new maintenance depots and extension of the French Hill depot which is presently located between Giv'at Ha-Mivtar and Es-Sahl. 

As an overview of the project, it will consist of delivering 55 km of track with a nominal track gauge of 1435 mm along at-grade sections, elevated and underground areas. 

The circulation velocity of the vehicles will vary from 15 km/h up to 70 km/h depending on the track geometry throughout its course. 

There are 53 new stations projected circa every 500 m over the track course. 

Major track works to be performed by Steconfer will consist of the following: 

  • Installation of 125.000 m of rails
    • Main line will be installed using embedded grooved rail (54G2), while some elevated sections and inspections pits will foresee vignole rail (50E4)
    • Steel grade on standard track conditions will be 260GHT, with Brinell hardness up to 340GHT for curves with a radius below 150 m
    • All rails to be installed in curves with a radius below 200 m will be pre-bended 

  • Installation of 85.000 twin block concrete sleepers 
    • Track assembly and levelling will use twin-block concrete sleepers with Pandrol fastening system
    • The sleeper’s installation will define track alignment and geometry, using “in sleeper” levelling poles; spacing between sleepers will vary from 0,60 m to 0,75 m, depending on the designed track geometry

  • Pouring of 55.000 m3 of concrete 
    • The concrete track slab will have a thickness of 350 mm with bottom steel reinforcement 
    • The concrete track slab will stand over a 75-mm section of blind concrete 
    • Concrete joints are projected to ensure track thermic variations as well as concrete integrity, every 10 to 15 m 

  • Installation of 242 turnouts, including crossings and expansion joints 
    • 185 turnouts will be installed to provide track changing capability and optimized lay-out design 57 crossings will be installed every time interceptions are required, in interfaces with road and railway pathways. 64 expansion joints will be installed to accommodate the rail expansion and retraction in elevated and entrance of underground sections 

Steconfer scope of works will be implemented from 2020 to 2025, where in the first year it will be provided support to design development, construction will start in 2021 and will go until 2025, already including the defect liability period.