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Hadarom Container Terminal, Port of Ashdod


Israel - Ashdod

Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering Ltd.

04‑2020 - 05‑2021


Hadarom Container Terminal Ltd., HCT, and the Israel Ports Development & Assets Company, IPC, have entered into an agreement for the construction, operation and maintenance of the Southport Terminal in Ashdod, Israel. Steconfer was hired for the construction of the ASC Rails and RMGC Rails. Both are crane rails tracks. 

ASC rails consist of the construction of 15 crane rails stacks in ballast using MSR 87A rail. Each stack consists of 2 crane rails tracks and therefore the total of the track is 30 and has 13 months construction period. In resume: 

  • 388,67 m per straight single track (for all 30 tracks); 
  • 11.660 m total ballasted single track; 
  • 5.830 m of ASC trailing cable mat; 
  • 90 storm pin (3 per track).

RMGC Rails consist of the construction of 2 straight single crane rail tracks on concrete beam using A100 rail. It has a 2 months construction period. In resume: 

  • 735 m per straight single track; 
  • 1470 m total concrete single track.

This is an important project to Israel in questions of maritime infrastructures. It will increase the availability, efficiency and developing of the country for the import and export of goods by sea. Steconfer accomplishes to respect the milestones dates in accordance with the request of its Client.