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Bybanen LRT


Norway - Bergen

Hordaland Fylkeskommune and Bybanen Utbygging

04‑2020 - 05‑2022


Bybanen (By=city: Banen=Rail => City Rail), functioning as the backbone of Bergen's public transport system, has developed a strategy to build up the city LRT system in 5 phases. Steconfer is now dealing with the construction of the fourth phase.

This stretch connects the City centre (Kaigaten) to Fyllingsdalen Terminal and has a 30 Month construction Period. The mainline comprehends 8,3 km of double track:

  • 5,5 km ballasted track from which 2,5 km of ballast track are inside the Løvstakken tunnel
  • 2,3 km longitudinal beams
  • 0,5 duo block sleepers

There are 5,8 km of open-air track of various track surfaces: concrete, grass, ballast, asphalt and cobblestone. This project also includes the installation of track special elements:

  • 41 turnouts
  • 9 diamond crossings
  • Sets of transition rails
  • 26 lubrication systems
  • Drainage, ducting, etc.

The line connects with the existing line 1 on the City Centre in four places Pastaparken, Kronstad, Bystasjonen and Byparken. These are very sensitive phases of the project and therefore need to be very carefully planned and executed. In the Summer of 2020, Steconfer has concluded with excellence the connections in Kronstad and Bystasjonen and we are now planning the works to execute the remaining connections during 2021, together with the remaining works.