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Steconfer celebrates successful completion of Oslo's new T-bane route, elevating public transportation

06 . 09 . 2023

Oslo, September 6, 2023

Steconfer is delighted to announce the triumphant completion of a comprehensive rail project in Oslo.
The recently inaugurated T-bane (Metro) route, celebrated with enthusiasm, is set to redefine the city's public transportation landscape.

The grand opening ceremony took place on Monday morning, with the honour of cutting the ribbon bestowed upon Samferdselsbyråd Sirin Stav (MDG).
Stav took a moment to express gratitude to all the passengers who endured bus commutes during the 3.5-month transition period.

"It has undoubtedly been frustrating at times to navigate through slow-moving traffic amidst a sea of private vehicles. Now, people can once again unwind in the spacious T-bane carriages and appreciate the T-bane's significant advantage - it provides a clear route to and from the city centre," said Stav.

The extensive project undertaken by Steconfer, involved the construction of a new railway line between Brynseng and Hellerud on the Østensjøbanen line.
Steconfer's scope of work encompassed all railway systems, excluding signalling.
The new track consists of ballast track within a 400 m tunnel and on two new bridges, a third rail system, fibre optic cables, and earthing systems.

The inauguration of the new route was celebrated with a festive train journey from Stortinget to Skullerud, followed by a return trip to Brynseng station.

At Brynseng station, a jubilant Steconfer team, led by project manager Shakil Akram and Director Sofia Hanner, joined in the festivities.
"We take immense pride in delivering this transformative project on time and to the highest quality standards, marking a significant milestone for Oslo's public transportation system," Sofia Hanner remarked.

Birte Sjule, CEO of Sporveien, described the day as historic, emphasizing that it marks the first opening of a new T-bane route in Oslo in seven years.
"At Sporveien, we take pride in collaborating with our entrepreneurs to make Oslo an even better place to live, with this remarkable project delivered within the planned timeline and budget," Sjule added.

Due to the construction work, T-bane traffic on the Østensjøbanen and Furusetbanen lines has been closed since May 18. Today, 43,000 daily commuters can rejoice in a faster and more comfortable T-bane journey.

Steconfer is honoured to have played a pivotal role in this transformative project, enhancing the quality of life for Oslo's residents and visitors alike.