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Sporveien has chosen Steconfer as the contractor for the construction of the superstructure on the Østensjøbanen project

01 . 03 . 2023

Sporveien signed the contract with Steconfer for the superstructure works on the Østensjøbanen between Brynseng and Hellerud subway stations after Steconfer recently completed the construction of the light rail tracks to Fyllingsdalen in Bergen. 

As Sporveien’s construction manager, Snorre Lindberg, said, “Steconfer stood out in the tender process and was the best on both price and quality. Sporveien is very pleased to have signed a contract with Steconfer as the contractor for the superstructure on the Østensjøbane project.” 

The work is to be carried out from 17 April to 11 August 2023 and includes both demolition and construction of around 1.2 kilometres of double track for the subway between Brynseng and Hellerud subway stations - included in the new Hellerud tunnel and over the new Bryn and Østensjøveien bridge.

In addition, around 450 metres of existing tracks must also be removed and re-established. 

The construction includes the laying of ballast, ballast mats, sleepers, and rails. Busbar systems and associated cable work are included in the contract. The same applies to the removal of temporary switches at the Lambertseterbanen. 

“The stretch is short but complex, and huge resources must be deployed in a short time to get the work done during the break-in period. The renewal of the Østensjøbanen will give the population of Oslo a better and more efficient public transport service from autumn 2023”, says Snorre Lindberg. 

Steconfer is proud and appreciates being trusted in a project with many common denominators with what we have carried out in the construction of Bybanen in Bergen. Also, for the Sporveien and the Østensjøbane project, Steconfer will carry out track installation in stages and with tight time horizons.