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Østensjøbanen Etterstad - Hellerud project - Oslo - Norway

05 . 06 . 2023

Between the 18th and the 26th of May, Steconfer completed a crucial phase of the Etterstad - Hellerud project in collaboration with Sporveien, the infrastructure owner, in Oslo.

This undertaking posed significant challenges due to the time constraints imposed by a nine-day traffic stoppage. The works included the dismantling and assembling of the existing Lamberseterbanen track and power rail system, including a turnout and connections on both sides. All cable ducts were raised, and lids were temporarily stored. The removal of the ballast and sub-ballast layers paved the way for the construction of new reinforced and compacted layers. All cables were secured and reinstated together, with the installation of a brand-new track and power rail system.

On the scheduled date, the system was adjusted and ready to be tested and commissioned, which happened successfully on the 29th.