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Kronstad´s Summer Window - Norway

30 . 06 . 2021

Kronstad´s Summer Window connection works between Bybanen´s BT1 (first Bybanen Bergen tram line) and BT4 (ongoing fourth Bybanen Bergen tram line) tram lines started on time after months of detailed planning and enabling works.

The track connection works between the lines will be executed in two phases, to allow uninterrupted tram service to Bergen´s passengers.

1st phase 19 June to 11 July – The trams will run alternately on BT1 track 2 (single-line operation). Only possible after the installation of two temporary turnouts (California turnouts) that will allow the trams to change tracks. This will allow BT1 track 1 (outbound) demolition, removal and construction of the new track.

11 July 2021 – Integration testing of the new infrastructure, Steconfer Norway will readjust the California turnouts to allow the testing of the new infrastructure, only after guaranteeing the passengers safety the new track will be open to using.

2nd Phase 11 July to 09 August 2021 – BT1 track 2 will be demolished, removed and reconstructed to allow the trams to change between BT1 and BT4 track construction stages.

10th August 2021 – Back to normal operation.

Smaller in size but much more demanding in planning, logistics and safety, this year's Kronstad Summer Window works has, once again, Steconfer´s high technical experience in railway construction and temporary single lines operations to ensure that all the goals will be met.

Bybanen Utbygging Kronstad´s Summer Window works depend on Steconfer track team know-how to deliver high-quality track in a very tight window, Steconfer´s hourly detailed progress schedule plan will allow demolishing/build approximately 300 linear meters of track in just a few weeks.

  1. Removal of four existing turnouts
  2. Installation of 300 linear meters of track
  3. Assembly of two new turnouts and one diamond crossing that will allow the connection between Bybanen new BT4 tracks and BT1.
  4. 700 cubic meters of concrete.
  5. 85 tons of reinforcement

Steconfer track team is already assembling the first phase reinforcement and in the next couple of hours, we will be able to start the first couple of rails, maintaining the track construction progress ahead of the schedule and thus ensuring another Summer Window success.